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This place is awesome!!! I'm definitely going to come more often.
Not only is the food way inexpensive but it is so delicious that it totally boggles my mind that anyone would give a bad review.
(Note to Militant Vegan girl... why trash the place when even you, yourself, say the food tastes good? Yes, they serve egg & dairy in some dishes but first of all, it's clearly marked on the menu (which you pointed out) AND this place doesn't claim to be 100% Vegan (although there are a ton of vegan options) but is, instead 100% Vegetarian.

Rosemead, CA

Good vegetarian restaurant. Got a kind of a "zi zhu can" environment feeling but it's not "zi zhu can". Small place, self served water. Right next to Smart & Final so it's easy to find.

Huntington Beach, CA

The food is excellent. And the price is much better than neighboring Happy Veggie Garden.
I recommend the Veggie Meatballs, the chopped mustard greens, the steamed buns, and the tiramisu (if they have it that day).
I'm Indian, but pretty damn experienced with veggie Chinese. The people at Happy Veggie have known me since I was a 4 foot tall kid. Trust me, you're going to like this place.
The service is excellent. Judy is the best. I love this place.

Berkeley, CA

Used to frequent Happy Family when they first opened around 95'? Also went early on at Happy Veggie Garden in their beginning. And this is my favorite of the three.
I just wanted to give them some props from a long-standing vegetarian who's dined many veg/vegan establishments.
Food was exotic, flavorful, just different than the usual Chinese vegetarian restaurants.
I'll just say I'm glad I ignored the negative reviews.
I'll definitely go back.

Glendora, CA

To start off, the service is kind of whatever. My cashier couldn't really speak much English so I had to point at pictures. Self seating and such.
I honestly would never have considered trying this place if it weren't for the fact that I went to Ramen yukinoya with my veghead friend who couldn't have their broth because it was cooked with meat so we walked to the (extremely conveniently located) vegetarian restaurant in the same plaza.
Most of the items on the menu are pretty average priced but the daily special is cheap!!

Diamond Bar, CA

I was pretty interested in trying this new little Chinese vegetarian restaurant out. It looks like they have a wide variety of choices on their menu, including pizza (?) and other dishes.
After eating here, it seems like it's not anything special that stands out when compared to the rest of the Chinese restaurants condensed in this area, besides that it's one of the few vegetarian ones. I had their Szechuan style tofu over rice (which is Mabo tofu over white rice). I like the spicy flavor it had.

Hacienda Heights, CA